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The condition of the wheels of the car directly affects the safety of the driver and other road users. This is the part that connects the entire structure of the car to the road, so they must be neat and well fitted. Professionals, due to various specifications, do not advise wheel fitting on their own and recommend that you contact a service center.

Tire grip on the road often has an impact on road safety, making it easier to control the car when driving with neat tires. That is, good traction avoids accidents on the road. This requires special care of the wheels and should be repaired immediately in case of damage.

Lithuania is a seasonal country. Therefore, the tires should be seasonally applied as well, since the difference in the coating and its slipperiness requires tires that are adapted to the weather. Therefore, the wheel inspection and tire installation is necessary several times a year.

Consultation with a specialist when installing tires is essential, as the foreman will determine the exact specifications and perform the job correctly. Independent wheel fitting work can be detrimental to the car and safety if the dimensions and load indices are changed and misaligned.

The craftsmen will ensure that the tires fitted match the size and type and apply the same tires on one axle. You will also avoid the possibility of mounting the bias tires on the rear axle during self-replacement.

The service shall carry out an external and internal inspection of the tire in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and installation rules. Specialists will notice any shortcomings and recommend that they be remedied. For example, tire mounting is not possible when the wheel rim is bent.

By entrusting tire installation work to professionals, you will be confident that the work has been done responsibly. You will also be sure to avoid road accidents caused by improper tire selection.

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